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Nov 28, 2023

40 Best Grilling Gifts of 2023

Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman's Day editor. We may earn

Every item on this page was chosen by a Woman's Day editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Unique grilling gifts for dad and anyone else who lives for barbecue season.

Grilling season is here, so whether you call it a barbecue, a cook-out, or just good eats, it's time to fire up the grill. We’ve gathered the best grilling gifts for home chefs, whether you’re shopping for Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts for dad, college graduation gifts, weddings, milestone birthday gifts, or just because. You’ll probably even find something you need for upping your own grilling game on this list, which includes recommendations from experienced home grillers. Remember: Grilling isn't only a way to cook food, it's an art form.

Whether they love to grill with charcoal, propane, or over a campfire, we’ve got plenty of ways to make your loved one's time at the grill more fun, like the best grilling tools for improving their technique, delicious ingredients for adding some spice to barbecue recipes, and top product picks for safety and cleanup after the grilling's done. No matter if your gift recipient is trying out easy grilling recipes, sticking to classic or creative hamburger recipes, or whipping up a patriotic holiday feast — there's a gift on this list for them.

If you're sticking to a budget, we have a great selection of gifts that start at less than $25, for grillers of every kind — from the casual griller to the hardcore grilling aficionado. From aprons and smoker boxes to instant read thermometers and dry rubs, we’ve got you covered with the bets gifts for grillers in 2023.

Add some spice to your griller's life! This variety pack, created by a small family business, includes six seasoning packs for instant marinades with the flavors of Jamaica, Peru, and Mexico.

Grilled pizzas are amazing, but how do you get them on and off the hot grill? This long-handled peel will help your griller do it with ease. "Just add some corn meal to the peel before placing the raw dough on it, and it will slide neatly onto the grill," says Schullo.

It's an instant classic for a reason: Your griller will learn tips and tricks and new recipes from this legendary pitmaster.

Your griller will enjoy experimenting with cooking on a natural Himalayan salt cooking block. It comes with a steel tray and recipe book to get started with this technique.

A good set of tongs is invaluable. "I keep multiple sets of tongs on hand so they are within reach at all times," says grilling blogger Paul Sidoriak of Grilling Montana. "Good tongs should be spring loaded in the open position with a lock to keep them closed when not in use." This budget-friendly set comes with either 12 and 14 or 14 and 16-inch sizes.

"This grilling basket is perfect for grilling vegetables," says home griller Gregory Schullo. "It has a big surface area so it's easy to move the food around. Spritz it with cooking spray before you put in on the grill, get it nice and hot, and food doesn't stick."

Let's face it: Grilling gets messy! "I like to have a kitchen towel draped over my shoulder and a few more hand on hand for quick cleanups," says Sidoriak. "Having one within arm's reach is perfect for a heat guard if I need to reposition a Dutch oven or cast iron skillet over the fire."

If your loved one is serious about grilling, this high-tech wireless smart thermometer is the answer. "The app is easy to use, and you'll know internal temperature, time remaining, and even the required rest time for grilled foods," says Schullo.

Cast iron conducts heat perfectly. This Lodge set, which contains a 10.25" deep skillet and a lid, is a great starter set for the grill. Lodge is made in the USA and has been making cast iron the same way since 1896 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, so this set will last a lifetime.

Does your griller love cooking over charcoal? "I like using this to get the fire started," says Sidoriak. "Fill it up with hardwood lump charcoal or briquettes and ignite it by lighting a fire starter or newspaper in the area at the bottom of the chimney."

Yep, your dad's gonna love this one! It's perfect for the grilling dad or grandpa who knows just how you like your steaks done.

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These fun socks say it all! They're a great small gift or add-on to a larger grilling gift basket.

"For times when I've got less patience, I like the Looft Lighter. When you plug it in, press the hold button and put it close to your charcoal, you'll notice the charcoal begins to catch and start glowing in a few seconds," says Sidoriak. "You can have a raging fire in minutes, and it's fun to use."

Keep the messes off your griller's clothes with this oversized apron. It's made of sturdy cotton twill with double-stitched hems and metal rivets and grommets for durability. It has deep pockets for tools, a towel loop, and is adjustable to fit people from 5'3" to 6'4" tall.

This tasty sweet-hot sauce is delish on wings. Created by a small business, this sauce has a delectable tang that will make you want to get a few bottles for yourself.

Kebabs anyone? Your griller will love cooking anything from fresh pineapple to shrimp and veggies on these stainless steel skewers. Then just pop them in the dishwasher to clean.

Take the worry out of food safety: Use the red tray for raw meats and the black one for finished foods. That way your griller will avoid cross-contamination. The trays nest together and are shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Does your griller like to concoct their own rubs and sauces? This woman-owned company features a build-your-own spice kit so your griller can select exactly what they use most. Choose from 30 single origin spices from 150 small farms across India and Sri Lanka.

Basting mops are sometimes better than brushes. "I like this one because you get better coverage with sauces, as opposed to a regular basting brush," says Schullo. This set, from a Black-owned business, allows you to slather on a nice, thick coat of your favorite sauce.

Make your griller smile with this personalized cutting board. Handmade in the USA from walnut, maple, or cherry wood, your griller will love presenting their finished product on this beautiful board.

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