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Aug 06, 2023

The 14 Best Cases To Protect Your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Mous Clarity 2.0 case for iPhone 14 Pro The iPhone 14 band has four members,

Mous Clarity 2.0 case for iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 band has four members, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Though the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro have the same size displays, the cases are not transferable thanks to different camera panels. The same applies to the Plus and the Pro Max.

Oh, and last year's iPhone 13 cases don't fit this year's phones. In other words, if you have one of the latest iPhones, you probably need to buy a new case.

So, do you want something so thin and light that you barely know it's there? Or a folio that wraps around the phone with slots for cards and cash? Maybe you like a leather sleeve that you can slide off easily? And there's another thing to think about: MagSafe. That's the clever ring of magnets in the iPhone which snaps the phone to a MagSafe charging plate. All the cases here let you charge on MagSafe without removing them, but some additionally have a ring of magnets of their own, making the case stay attached firmly.

Read on for a dozen of the best cases currently available. All are available in sizes to fit all four of the iPhone 14 series, unless marked otherwise.

The deals highlighted within this post were independently selected by the Contributor and do not contain affiliate links.

Nomad Leather iPhone 14 Pro Case

From $40,

Nomad's splendid range of products are consistently high-quality and enjoyable. The Modern Leather Case comes in leather and Horween leather, This costs more (an extra $14 or $20 depending on the model, but the tactile smoothness of it is just delightful. You may find yourself taking the phone out of your pocket just to stroke the leather. It is still tough, despite its soft feel, and the look changes as it ages, especially the Horween, which is minimally treated, celebrating natural blemishes rather than trying to hide them.

The case offers some front protection by coming a little forward of the phone's display. For regular leather choose between black, brown, English tan and natural, or for Horween leather, black or rustic brown.

Nomad Leather Folio

From $60 from

Like the case above, the folio has leather and Horween leather options. The difference is there's a wraparound protection here with another tactile surface in front of the screen. Inside the front cover there are slots for three credit cards plus one for banknotes. On both leather and Horween leather options, a magnetic clasp holds the case closed, though this is removable if you prefer.

Nomad says that the combination of the internal case and leather wraparound means it is protected to a drop of up to 10 feet. Colors here are black and brown for leather, black and rustic brown for Horween leather.

Lucrin luxury wallet in Aquatic smooth leather

From $215,

You can't impulse-buy from Lucrin. There are so many colors, styles and customizations to be had, that it's worth taking your time. Like Nomad, there are various leathers to choose from. But here you need to decide on smooth, granulated square granulated or vegetable tanned. Thank goodness the website is easy to navigate.

Depending on the model you choose, there can be up to 25 different shades. The wallet has slots for three credit cards and a place for notes. The front cover of the folio has a small flap so it snaps closed magnetically. Lucrin's products are opulent and have stunning build quality.

The joy of the sleeve is that your iPhone stays safe and protected inside it when you’re not using it, but when you slide it out, you can use the phone directly, naked, as it were. The models below are supple enough to be removed in an instant, but solid enough to hold the smartphone securely.

RYAN London Leather sleeve in orange and beige.


Ryan London's iPhone sleeves are made from leather that is robust enough to protect the phone inside but pleasing to the touch. There are contrasting colors inside and out. The orange leather is beige inside and the avocado green leather is complemented by orange wool felt lining. The sleeves wear well over time and are a precise fit. You can even have the case embossed with your name or initials, as in the photograph above, for an extra $9. Though the sleeves are handmade, Ryan London prices them competitively.

Harber London slim leather smartphone sleeve case.


Harber London makes a wide range of leather products, including smartphone sleeves. This sleeve – available for each current iPhone and several phones from other manufacturers – has a handy pocket for a card on the outside—for those places that won't take Apple Pay, perhaps.

The wool felt interior give you courage your phone stays scratch-fee as you take it in and out, and it's a good fit. Choose between black, tan and navy finishes.

Lucrin iPhone 14 Pro sleeve in metallic leather


The pull tab on this case is brilliant for heaving the iPhone out in an instant. As you put it back in, the tab retreats into place, ready for next time. This being Lucrin, there are 21 different colors to choose from in smooth leather alone. Then there's granulated leather (19 colors), the innovative square granulated (six colors) and finally a new finish, metallic leather, available in five hues. All are sumptuously crafted, with soft, elegant design. The edges of the sleeve go past the end of the iPhone, to keep it safer if it falls head-first.

Harber London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve.


This sleeve offers excellent coverage for the iPhone, thanks to the flap over the top. This closure is held in place magnetically when it's closed. At the other end, there's a small hole so you can charge the iPhone without removing it from the sleeve, which is handy.

As with other Harber products, it's handmade in Spain and combines premium full grain leather on the outside and a strong but soft wool felt lining.

If you buy a case from Apple, you know certain things: excellent build quality and a perfect fit, for a start. But also, you can be sure that the covers that protect the volume and side buttons will be great. Some cases have clunky button-covers that require solid presses. With Apple's cases, it couldn't be better. Apple's cases are rarely the cheapest, but the quality justifies it. There are three cases to choose from.

Apple leather case with MagSafe in orange.


On its leather cases only, Apple embosses the company logo so that your finger can feel it. The leather gets the balance of soft and strong just right. Leather cases change patina over time, and the addition of the magnetic ring that makes MagSafe work (hidden on the inside in this case) can mean that a ring on the outside eventually appears, though I’d say that even when that happens, it still looks good.

The latest color choices are umber (a rich brown shade), forest green, a very dark blue called ink, midnight, which is a solid black, plus a fiery, punchy orange which looks glorious. Beautifully made and a pleasure to use.

Apple iPhone 14 Clear Case with MagSafe


The case here is completely transparent, but the MagSafe magnets stand out. And with Apple cases, there's a special extra feature: as you put the case on, the phone recognizes it and briefly flashes the same color as the case—or white in the case of this transparent one. It's a strangely intimate moment that works well. The finish is smooth but grippy, which is good. And it shows off your iPhone color perfectly, of course.

Some clear cases can suffer from yellowing over age, but I have never seen this with Apple's transparent cases. It also has scratch-resistant coating so that it stays looking good longer.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro silicone case canary yellow.

$49 from

There are a dozen colors to choose from at the moment in the silicone case range from Apple. The material is smooth and soft to the touch but manages not to be slippy. And as for those colors: Midnight, Elderberry and Storm Blue are dark and discreet, suiting the more demure user, Succulent, Iris, Chalk Pink, Lilac, Olive and Sky are elegant pastel hues, and there are three bright options, which, I’d say, look tremendous. There's PRODUCT(RED), a warm yellow color called Sunglow and a feisty citrus Canary Yellow. These cases last well, spurning dirt for the most part and remaining soft and tactile.

Peel Super Thin iPhone Case.


Maybe you like the idea of having as little case as possible, but still don't want to use the iPhone without one. Pell makes sensational cases that fit so snugly and are so amazingly thin, they can offer the best of both worlds. There are 10 choices of color for this case, some with a matte finish, some with glossy. Many are translucent so the Apple logo shines through, though two—Jet White and Blackout are properly opaque.

The nature of the design of this case means there's little protection round the front, so consider snapping up a screen protector at the same time.

Mous Limitless 5.0 in walnut

From $59.99,

Mous is one of the very best case manufacturers around. It excels at high protection (as evidenced by the company's stunts, such as dropping Mous-clad iPhones from great heights or hurling them skywards so they crash to the sidewalk, with no ill effects. This is down to the company's own material, Airoshock, which works as a highly efficient shock absorber, dispersing energy caused by a drop. The materials are tough and rigid, with a solid raised area around the camera panel to protect the lenses that protrude from the iPhone.

It's similarly raised on the corners at the front, offering extra protection without getting in the way, thanks to lower profiles on the long sides. There are also twin eyelets so you can attach a wrist strap if you wish, and the rippled finish helps you keep the phone in your grip. Attractive and effective.

The back plates come in a series of different finishes, including walnut, aramid fiber, black leather and speckled fabric. There's also a clear version.

Mous Clarity 2.0 Clear

$89.99 from Reduced to $49.99 at time of writing.

A clear case with strong protection is hard to achieve, but Mous has done it. The back of the Clarity 2.0 is completely see-through, or you can opt for a very cool iridescent version which is superbly colorful (at the top of this post). The bumper on each is black, hiding the impact protection inside. There's also a robust raised area around the camera panel. The earlier Clarity is still available and is similar but lacks the ring of MagSafe magnets on the second iteration.

Mous says it has an anti-yellowing feature built in, so it resists UV light damaging it. The best clear case on the market.

Otterbox Defender Series XT


Otterbox is known for exceptional protection levels. One of the reason this model is so good is it comes in two parts. Place the iPhone inside and then attach the front section which fits around and protects the iPhone's display. As well as a straightforward black, there's one that's part-clear, called Black Crystal, plus Open Ocean, Lavender Sky and, if you like bold looks, Blooming Lotus, which is so eye-catching you’d be hard-pressed to misplace it. There are port covers to keep dirt out, too. The Otterbox is thin and light, but it does bulk up the phone noticeably.

Best thin case