1j79 Permalloy Rod Soft Magnetic Alloy


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1j79 Permalloy Rod Soft Magnetic Alloy

1j79 Permalloy Rod Soft Magnetic Alloy

1j79 Permalloy Rod Soft Magnetic AlloyProduct Description 1J79 (Soft magnetic alloy)(Common Name: Ni79Mo4, E11c, malloy,

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Basic Info
Model NO. 1j79
Resisivity 0.55
Density 8.6cm3
Curie Point 450 C
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient 2
Hardness 120~210 Hv
Tensile Strength 560~1030 MPa
Yield Strength 150~980 MPa
Elongation 3~50 %
Use High Frequency Inductive Components
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification 0.7mm
Trademark HUONA
Origin Shanghai
HS Code 75062000
Production Capacity 200ton/Month
Product Description
1j79 Permalloy Rod Soft Magnetic AlloyProduct Description
1J79 (Soft magnetic alloy)(Common Name: Ni79Mo4, E11c, malloy, permalloy, 79HM) High permeability soft magnetic alloyHigh permeability soft magnetic alloy mainly nickel base alloy, nickel content is over 75%, this kind of alloy has the very high initial permeability and permeability.Often referred to as permalloy, also known as the early high magnetic conductivity alloy.They all have good processing performance, can be rolled into thin strip.Alloy is suitable for application in the ac weak magnetic field.Such as TV and instrumentation in various audio transformer, the high accuracy bridge transformer, transformer, magnetic shielding, magnetic amplifier, magnetic modulator, audio head, choke, precision electric meter of the piece and piece, etc1J79 widely used in radio-electronic industry, precision instruments, remote control and automatic control system. Normal composition%
Typical Mechanical properties
Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongation
Typical Physical properties
Density (g/cm3)8.6
Electrical resistivity at 20ºC(Om*mm2/m)0.55
Coefficient of linear expansion(20ºC~200ºC)X10-6/ºC10.3~11.5
Saturation magnetostriction coefficient λθ/ 10-62.0
Curie point Tc/ ºC450
The magnetic properties of alloys with high permeability in weak fields
1J79Initial permeabilityMaximum permeabilityCoercivitySaturation magnetic induction intensity
Сold-rolled strip/ sheet.Thickness, mmμ0.08/ (mH/m)μm/ (mH/m)Hc/ (A/m)BS/ T
0.01 mm17.587.55.6 0.75
0.1~0.19 mm25.0162.52.4
0.2~0.34 mm28.0225.01.6
0.35~1.0 mm30.0250.01.6
1.1~2.5 mm27.5225.01.6
2.6~3.0 mm26.3187.52.0
cold drawn wire
0.1 mm6.3506.4
8-100 mm251003.2
Mode of heat treatment 1J79
Annealing mediaVacuum with a residual pressure not higher than 0.1Pa, hydrogen with a dew point of not higher than minus 40 ºC.
The heating temperature and rate1100~1150ºC
Holding time3~6
Cooling rateWith 100 ~ 200 ºC/ h cooled to 600 ºC, rapidly cooled to 300ºC
Style of supply
Alloys NameTypeDimension
1J79WireD= 0.1~8mm
1J79StripW= 8~390mmT= 0.3mm
1J79FoilW= 10~100mmT= 0.01~0.1
1J79BarDia= 8~100mmL= 50~1000

Soft magnetic alloy are in weak magnetic field with high permeability and low coercive force of alloys.This kind of alloy are widely used in radio electronics, precision instruments and meters, remote control and automatic control system, the combination is mainly used for energy conversion and information processing, the two aspects of is an important material in the national economy. FAQ1. What's the minimum quantity customer can order?If we have your size in stock, we can provide any quantity you want.If we do not have, for spool wire, we can produce 1 spool, about 2-3kg. For coil wire, 25kg.2. How can you pay for small sample amount?We have Western union account, wire transfer for sample amount also ok.3. Customer do not have express account. How will us arrange the delivery for sample order?Just need to provide your address information, we will check the express cost, you can arrange the express cost together with sample value.4. What's our payment terms?We can accept LC T/T payment terms, it also depending on delivery and total amount. Let's talk more in details after getting your detailed requirements.5. Do you provide free samples?If you want several meters and we have stock of your size, we can provide, customer need to bear the International express cost.6. What's our working time?We will give you reply through email/phone Online contact tool within 24 hours. No matter working day or holidays.