Liquid Line Magnetic Traps 


Liquid Line Magnetic Traps 

Liquid Line Magnetic Traps 

General Description Magnetic Liquid Traps, also named Magnetic Liquid Filters, are designed for removing ferrous contami

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Basic Info
Transport Package Wooden Box
HS Code 850511900
Production Capacity 500
Product Description

General Description

Magnetic Liquid Traps, also named Magnetic Liquid Filters, are designed for removing ferrous contamination from liquid or semi-liquid materials with different viscosity, to keep materials purity and protect the equipment. E Style: The Maximum magnetic strength: 10000GS(0.8T)


1. Many different styles are available for different materials.2. The max magnetic strength can reach 12,000GS for N style, 8000Gs for E style.3. Standard working temperature at ≤ 80ºC, max working temperature can be chosen from 80¡æ to 350¡æ as the same with magnetic bars if needed.4. Connection can be through ferrule, bolt plate, flange or uneven head, etc.5. Stainless steel 304 or 316L is available for the shell material6. Properly designed magnetic configuration ensures maximum magnetic effect without impeding liquid flow.

7. Pressure design or another special requirement can be custom made.


Item No.Flange/ConnectorABCDGHBar Quantity
JL-630400DN400Ф630700135Ф426 Ф2521

Specification of Industrial Magnetic Separators Liquid Magnetic Separators Magnetic Trap:

Liquid line magnets are available in line sizes from 1-1/2" to 8" in diameter. Standard 2", 3" & 4" Line Diameter, 1/2″ and other sizes available upon request. 2″ Diameter is available for immediate shipment.
Application area

This unit is suitable for products that are Liquid, Semi-liquid, and air-conveying powder

Liquid Line Magnetic Traps 

How to do the cleaning?
Magnetic Liquid Traps also should be cleaned periodically for the most efficient performance. Release the cover and hand out the magnetic rods group. Then wipe the tramp metal from the SS shell one by one. Use extreme caution and wear gloves during the process.

How to select our products?
Please advise us of the above necessary information to make an inquiry. If you aren't in a position to offer this information, please feel free to contact our engineer and acquaint us with the application environment and material condition.